Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fort Lauderdale Florida Real Estate market

Vacations and relaxations are possible in Fort Lauderdale because of its well-known beaches, their famous arts, their culture and events. You can have fun by shopping on Las Olas Boulevard and riding gondola on the canals and visiting the historical riverfront, all these events can make your vacations unforgettable and very exciting. The city has a population of around 150,000 residences with an outstanding 48 districts in which it is the biggest municipality in Broward County and the seventh largest community in Florida. Moreover, Fort Lauderdale is famous as the being the “Venice of America” which located in a complex system of waterways complex, one of the interesting aspects. Many buyers get interest in Fort Lauderdale’s real estate market because of its stunning beauty of nature, its white sand beaches, economic climate and especially the tourism that attracted most people to visit.  
In every district in the city of Fort Lauderdale has its unique way of character such as the Rio Vista. Rio Vista in Fort Lauderdale is a well known community in which it is a luxury waterfront homes in the neighborhood lined with an exclusive view of the sea. In Rio Vista you can enjoy water dockage, sundeck, wine rooms, beach access and elevator in which are the best property features of Rio Vista. In addition to, Poinsettia Heights is the other famous locality in Fort Lauderdale. It is situated in the Northeast corner of the city in which it is quiet and retiring community filled with a mixture of condominiums towers and luxury homes.

Increasing by 4 percent in the starting month of the year compared to the previous, which is the total cumulative pending home sales which include single family homes and condos in accordance to the Miami Association of real estate agent and the Southeast Florida Multiple Listing Services. Broward condo sales are expected to 8.1 percent higher than in January 2010 against the 4,137 to 4,472 and 3.42 per cent higher than in the previous month. However, compared to the first month of year 2010 the pending sales in Broward County decreased by .4 percent for single-family homes which is from 3,310 to 3,298 but when it compared to the past months it lower to 8.1 percent. In Broward County, the total housing stock has plunged 37 percent in less than two years and dropped only two percent in the last month.  
In Fort Lauderdale you can live the place of your choice whether you like to live near downtown or near the beach area, the city can give the right district. Some of the best neighborhoods in the city of Fort Lauderdale are the Melrose Park, Rock Island, the Golden Heights, Riverland Village and the Seven Isles. In you want to live in metros then Fort Lauderdale suits you where the place can offer the residents and vacationers the exciting and grand conveniences. In there you can have an afternoon promenade at the breathless River walk in which it is known as the city’s main arts, science and history district. You can also enjoy the best attractions in the area such as the Museum of Discovery and Science, Broward Center of the Performing Arts and the Old Fort Lauderdale Village and Museum. So, check out now the great luxury homes and condos that are available in the real estate market of Fort Lauderdale then start to call it home.     

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Climate and Storm History of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

 Like most other countries in the United States, Fort Lauderdale has a tropical rainforest type of climate. The city has a small seasonal version in temperature. Fort Lauderdale has two seasons those are the summer and winter season in which the summer season known as wet season from May to October has an average temperatures of 32 to 24 degrees Celsius. In addition to, summer season is hot, humid and wet. During the winter season or known as dry season it happens mostly on November to April with a warm and mostly dries with average temperature from 28 to 19 degrees Celsius. Fort Lauderdale has a monthly average temperature greater than 18 degrees Celsius with an average monthly haste of 60 mm. Moreover, it has an annual average haste of 1630 mm in which it happens during wet seasons. 

One of the weather problems in the United States are the hurricanes in which it happens at the border and on the east coast and also at the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. As we know hurricanes can bring strong winds which can small or wide damages in the area. One of the most destructive hurricanes that struck South Florida was the 1926 hurricanes that made widespread destruction. 

During the year of 1926, hurricane struck Fort Lauderdale and it was called by the United States Weather Bureau in Miami as the most destructive hurricane storm that hit the United States. The storm struck many cities such a Fort Lauderdale, Dania, Hollywood, Hallandale and Miami which caused the death almost 800 people. The storm has a speed of 150mph in which it killed around 243 people and destroyed buildings in the counties of Dade and Broward. The hurricane is classified as the most destructive compared to the hurricanes of the previous years. 

Another hurricane that struck south Florida was the hurricane Wilma on October 2005. The storm has unexpected strength that makes the region dark and destructed after it passed. Many have been surprised by the violence of the storm and many have not expected its strength. The hurricane almost ruined everything after it goes; it killed 25 people and destroyed power lines of around 3 million Florida homes and business establishments. Many building have been ruined including hospitals and destroyed water utilities that affected more that 6 million people.

Moreover, hurricane Betsy struck Fort Lauderdale on September 4 on the year 1926. Betsy has a speed of 140 mph and killed 13 people and leaving residence without electricity. Many places have been submerged such as homes in Las Olas Isles. Fort Lauderdale downtown has deep foot water because the storm tide backed the New River out of its banks that makes it to overflow. The storm Betsy killed 75 people in Louisiana and also increased water in the Gulf.

The fiercest storm the hit Florida was hurricane Andrew.  Andrew has a wind speed of greater than 160 mph that cause the death of 29 people and damage properties around 25 billion dollars. Andrew was considered as the most disastrous storm in the United States that leaves around 1.4 million residences without power, flattening homes and tumbling palm trees and makes thousands of residence homeless and panic. Andrew was in category 4 and was the lowest measured hurricane that struck the US.   

Top Fort Lauderdale, Florida Restaurants

Fort Lauderdale is known as the Venice of America for its world-class destination for pleasant cuisine exploration. Through that the place is rich of old-time restaurants, ethnic districts and world class steak and seafood restaurants. You will enjoy for it has more lovely beaches, parks and antique shops and most of all great restaurants. Only here you can taste the most delicious food at your choices in different hotels and restaurants. From the freshest sea foods in different style , to the well known cuisines like Thai Cuisine, Japanese style it can truly offer the best restaurants that suits to your taste and likes.

One of the Fort Lauderdale’s restaurants can offer a calm dining experience with a touch of exclusivity. Chima Brazilian Steakhouse is situated in the voguish Las Olas Boulevard with just a few minutes from the beach. They can offer you a smart dining experienced the time you on the place. The outdoor and terrace bar give you an escape from the traditional scene with the happy drinks specials. Chima is special in its Brazialian rodizio experience from the very cuts of meat to the wine list with great service. Whether you are local or visitor in Fort Lauderdale this place is not to be missed because this will provide you a very memorable experience.      

Aside from highly memorable experience, there is a place that can give you a truly exceptional dining experience in the grandest style and that is The Grill Room on Las Olas. The place will offer you an ambient atmosphere mix with dainty cuisine with attentive service and broad wine list. It the first good dining experience on Las Olas. The place is situated in the Riverside Hotel where the formal dining is famous for its perfect quality in which it is apparent in everything from the premium meats to the wide bar to the flowery dinnerware. It will serve you a rack of lamb, yellow fin tuna, veal chop and sautéed jumbo shrimp. 
 If you are curious and adventurous then Canyon Southwest Café suits you. In here you can find the exotic food that had best with margaritas or other mixed drinks in which it features kinds of special tequilas. The menu includes the modern southwestern dishes that integrate the foreign shape of Asian, Central and South American cooking. Canyon’s gives you an ambient and inviting atmosphere. Some menus of Canyon’s are scotch bonnets, a tequila-jalapeño smoke salmon tostada, coriander-crusted tuna, or blue-corn fried oysters, chipotle, wasabi, mango and red chilies accent fresh seafood. 

If you want a Thai and Japanese cuisine then this popular casually restaurant will meet your needs, The Galanga Thai Kitchen and Sushi Bar. Surely, the well trained kitchen staff skilled kitchen staff serves up everything from pad Thai to curry dishes to sushi and sashimi, and the refreshingly diverse menu. 

The place is friendly and excellent service, ambient atmosphere that will give you a memorable experienced. They also served beer and also outdoor dining.  

Sunfish Grill serves funky seafood house that earned an enthusiastic following for its simple, delectable preparations of fresh fish. The small restaurant is decked out in clever retro style and, in addition to perfectly cooked fish, offers boldly flavored sauces, nice wines, fresh breads, and scrumptious homemade desserts. Beef and chicken dishes are well done too. Consider an undiscovered gem by locals in the known and they recommend reservations recommended also casual dress.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fun Activities and Historic Landmarks of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Like all other cities in the county, Fort Lauderdale is also rich in interesting history. The area is once a dwelling place of the Native American known as Seminoles. The place has a lot of spectacular monuments and landmarks. The development of Fort Lauderdale started during 19th century and on that period brought more landmarks on the area. Many influential figures left a substantial sign which also responsible for the contribution of the city’s historic landmark. Not only landmarks that Fort Lauderdale has but it has also more fun activities. You can have here scuba diving, also fishing, also jet skiing, also parasailing with boat and sport fishing. You can also have fun in the interactive exhibits in the museums.
 Bonnet House Museum and Gardens
  In Fort Lauderdale you can visit to the winter house of two American artists, Frederic and Evelyn Bartlett. The two has an unconventional personal touches are evident throughout the property. The Bonnet House and Museum Gardens is situated on 35 subtropical estates between A1A and Intracoastal Waterway simply South of Sunrise Boulevard. The house was constructed in 1920 it is also a complete homes and studios of a famous American artist. Moreover, the place was recognized by the National Register of Historic Places and recognized as a landmark of the city. You can walk where ancient Tequesta Indians and early European settlers and sailor once wandered. The property of the area is the largest collection of orchids in the US continent.
                            Harrison's Wine Bar

If you want to have some relaxations here in Fort Lauderdale then visit to Harrison’s Wine Bar. Harrison’s wine bar give you a dark, cozy but very comfortable place with a big leather couches. In here you can select 100 kinds of wines at very reasonable prices; also you can choose 40 bottled beers. 

It is available here the cheese platters, hummus platters and Panini.

                         Alley-Oop Skim, Florida
Alley-Oop Skim, Florida gives you an enjoyable skim boarding learning experience using some of the best skim boarding instructors in the sport. They also offer lessons, day camps, clinics, guided travel and everything a skim board enthusiast could want. Since 2000 Alley-Oop has been providing great programs teaching, step-by-step, everything from the basics to the advanced levels of skim boarding. Going into their eleventh season Alley-Oop has grown into one of the most recognized names in the sport. With an extensive offering of services, anyone interested in skim boarding can find what they need.

                         Stranahan House

Another historical place in Fort Lauderdale is The Stranahan’s House. In here your tour of the Stranahan house museum is like a journey thru timns madee. It will bring to the tome when Seminole India friends with a young Ohioan who lived in the field town which is now as Fort Lauderdale. The house of Stranahan has a local Florida style which serves as a trading post, town hall, post office and bank. The place symbolizes the 1913 events of the area. You can also enjoy delicious selections of “Floribean” foods while also listening to the famous music of The Pocket Trio. The event will happen at the city’s most fascinating place on the New River, The Stranahan’s House Museum grounds. Remember back in 1901 that the place was the former home of Frank and Ivy Stranahan and the house was the oldest home in the city. It was the site of the original trading post in Fort Lauderdale where Frank Stranahan traded with the Seminole Indians and local settlers. 

                   Las Olas Boulevar

Visit to the Fort Lauderdale’s most charming road the Las Olas Boulevard. Here in Las Olas you can see everything you want, the fashion boutiques and art galleries, the memorable restaurants, also sidewalk cafes and bars. You can dine in here in Las Olas with pleasance where you will eat by the water at one of the riverfront restaurants. Las Olas is a wide place separated by a broad landscaped median flowers and towering shade trees. Running almost parallel to Fort Lauderdale’s New River on its way to the Atlantic Ocean, over the river at the east end of the tree lined median, in the Colee Hammock locale, are more shops, restaurants, and stores too unique to describe. Form her in Las Olas you can walk to the beach where the place meets the sea.    

                      Plantation Heritage Park

Try to refresh yourself by visiting the beautiful place in town, the Plantation Heritage Park. The park is situated about 12 miles in western part of Fort Lauderdale. The 90 estate famous water pointed park attracts boating and fishing partisans. In here you can rent paddle boats and canoes and bicycles. For land lovers, the park also features an enjoyable bike path on which you can walk as well as ride. Those 16 and older must have fishing licenses to fish in the park. The place is safe for the children and the place is great both walking and biking.