Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fun Activities and Historic Landmarks of Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Like all other cities in the county, Fort Lauderdale is also rich in interesting history. The area is once a dwelling place of the Native American known as Seminoles. The place has a lot of spectacular monuments and landmarks. The development of Fort Lauderdale started during 19th century and on that period brought more landmarks on the area. Many influential figures left a substantial sign which also responsible for the contribution of the city’s historic landmark. Not only landmarks that Fort Lauderdale has but it has also more fun activities. You can have here scuba diving, also fishing, also jet skiing, also parasailing with boat and sport fishing. You can also have fun in the interactive exhibits in the museums.
 Bonnet House Museum and Gardens
  In Fort Lauderdale you can visit to the winter house of two American artists, Frederic and Evelyn Bartlett. The two has an unconventional personal touches are evident throughout the property. The Bonnet House and Museum Gardens is situated on 35 subtropical estates between A1A and Intracoastal Waterway simply South of Sunrise Boulevard. The house was constructed in 1920 it is also a complete homes and studios of a famous American artist. Moreover, the place was recognized by the National Register of Historic Places and recognized as a landmark of the city. You can walk where ancient Tequesta Indians and early European settlers and sailor once wandered. The property of the area is the largest collection of orchids in the US continent.
                            Harrison's Wine Bar

If you want to have some relaxations here in Fort Lauderdale then visit to Harrison’s Wine Bar. Harrison’s wine bar give you a dark, cozy but very comfortable place with a big leather couches. In here you can select 100 kinds of wines at very reasonable prices; also you can choose 40 bottled beers. 

It is available here the cheese platters, hummus platters and Panini.

                         Alley-Oop Skim, Florida
Alley-Oop Skim, Florida gives you an enjoyable skim boarding learning experience using some of the best skim boarding instructors in the sport. They also offer lessons, day camps, clinics, guided travel and everything a skim board enthusiast could want. Since 2000 Alley-Oop has been providing great programs teaching, step-by-step, everything from the basics to the advanced levels of skim boarding. Going into their eleventh season Alley-Oop has grown into one of the most recognized names in the sport. With an extensive offering of services, anyone interested in skim boarding can find what they need.

                         Stranahan House

Another historical place in Fort Lauderdale is The Stranahan’s House. In here your tour of the Stranahan house museum is like a journey thru timns madee. It will bring to the tome when Seminole India friends with a young Ohioan who lived in the field town which is now as Fort Lauderdale. The house of Stranahan has a local Florida style which serves as a trading post, town hall, post office and bank. The place symbolizes the 1913 events of the area. You can also enjoy delicious selections of “Floribean” foods while also listening to the famous music of The Pocket Trio. The event will happen at the city’s most fascinating place on the New River, The Stranahan’s House Museum grounds. Remember back in 1901 that the place was the former home of Frank and Ivy Stranahan and the house was the oldest home in the city. It was the site of the original trading post in Fort Lauderdale where Frank Stranahan traded with the Seminole Indians and local settlers. 

                   Las Olas Boulevar

Visit to the Fort Lauderdale’s most charming road the Las Olas Boulevard. Here in Las Olas you can see everything you want, the fashion boutiques and art galleries, the memorable restaurants, also sidewalk cafes and bars. You can dine in here in Las Olas with pleasance where you will eat by the water at one of the riverfront restaurants. Las Olas is a wide place separated by a broad landscaped median flowers and towering shade trees. Running almost parallel to Fort Lauderdale’s New River on its way to the Atlantic Ocean, over the river at the east end of the tree lined median, in the Colee Hammock locale, are more shops, restaurants, and stores too unique to describe. Form her in Las Olas you can walk to the beach where the place meets the sea.    

                      Plantation Heritage Park

Try to refresh yourself by visiting the beautiful place in town, the Plantation Heritage Park. The park is situated about 12 miles in western part of Fort Lauderdale. The 90 estate famous water pointed park attracts boating and fishing partisans. In here you can rent paddle boats and canoes and bicycles. For land lovers, the park also features an enjoyable bike path on which you can walk as well as ride. Those 16 and older must have fishing licenses to fish in the park. The place is safe for the children and the place is great both walking and biking.   

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