Saturday, February 19, 2011

City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida General Info

Fort Lauderdale is situated in the east-central part of Broward County, Florida, USA. Its distance with the neighboring cities is about 23 miles north of Miami and at the south of Palm Beach is 42 miles. The city of Fort Lauderdale contributes territories together with the 9 municipalities also as unorganized areas of the County. The population of Fort Lauderdale is about 167,000 which cover about 33 square miles and it is the 7th largest city and the largest Broward County’s of 30 municipalities. Fort Lauderdale is a city located in Broward County in Florida, USA with its grand and complex canal system that makes it as the Venice of America. The city has many beaches, yachts, bars, night clubs, performing arts and downtown museums. The city is the home of 5,463,857 people in which during the 2006 US Census of population it has 185,804 residents living the city.    

Tourism is the main economic source of Fort Lauderdale. Before, the city was recognized as a spring break destination for college students and the tourist dollars began to arise largely from cruise ships and nautical recreation. The city is now attracting more sophisticated and wealthy tourist however ignoring the gradually decreasing college crowd. It has a convention center located in the western part of the beach and the southeast of downtown with a space of 600,000 square feet with a main exhibit hall of around 200,000 square foot. The city has around 10 million yearly visitors in which 30 percent of it attends conventions at the center. 

The Las Olas of downtown area has been developed for the past years and now it hosted many new hotels and high-rise condominiums developments. In addition to, the downtown area which is the largest downtown area in Broward County has a wide array of new boutiques, art galleries and many more.

In Fort Lauderdale’s census of population in 2000, the city has a total of 152,397 people which is composed of around 68,500 homes and also around 33,000 families living in the city. In the city’s demographics, there are about 19.6 percent of children under the age of 18 living in 68,468 families, there were 32.2 percent married couple living together and 11.5 percent of female householder without husband with them, there were around 51.8 percent of non-families. 

The city has 40.3 percent of householders which is made up of individuals and 11.7 percent had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The city’s residents have median income of $37,887 for household, and $46,175 for a family’s median income. The average income of male residents is $34,478 compared to $27,230 for females. Fort Lauderdale has a per capita income of $27,798 however there were 13.8 percent of families and 27.7 percent of the population were below poverty line. Fort Lauderdale’s residents are composed mostly of foreign-born which constitute 21.7 percent of city’s population. Of foreign-born residents there were 69.2 percent born in Latin America and 17.3 percent were born in Europe and the remaining other percentage are born in North America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.  

The climate part of Fort Lauderdale features a tropical rainforest climate with little seasonal variation in temperature.  Average monthly temperatures are always above 18.0 °C and average monthly precipitation is above 60 millimeters. Summers from May through October are hot, humid, and wet with average high temperatures of 86–90 °F (30–32 °C) and lows of 71–76 °F.
Winter from November through April are warm and mostly dry with average high temperatures of 75–82 °F and lows of 59–67 °F. Annual average precipitation is 64.2 inches with most of it occurring during the wet season from May through October.

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